Burgess v Portroe…. A history of violence

A selection of images from the recent fractious senior hurling match against Portroe tell the story of an intense full blooded encounter which will probably stand both sides in good stead for the remainder of the championship.

Immediate post match reaction from Portroe quarters was that our behaviour on the field of battle “had driven a wedge through the relationship between the two parishes that wouldn’t soon be mended” was soon exposed for the hyperbole that it was the following Sunday morning at Portroe Mass. When Fr. Sheary, a Nenagh native and hurling fanatic, while filling in for Fr. Gardiner left this parting shot from the Alter. “It’ll be a long time before ye live this down” to peals off laughter from both sides of the “wedge” who were present.

Since this game Portroe came from behind to defeat Eire Og Nenagh in a thrilling North Semi final and we’ve advanced through the potential banana skin of Moycarkey Borris to meet the very same Eire Og in the county championship.

It seems the “Battle of Nenagh” did neither side any harm

These images are taken from the video footage of the game. A big thank you to our camera team.

See the flickr slideshow here


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