1964 Intermediate county final – 50th Anniversary


Burgess – 1964 Intermediate County Champions 

1964 County champions  Back row: packie Kennedy (Pallas), Paddy Seymour (Pallas), Jimmy Slattery (Barbaha), Mattie Hogan (Pallas), Michael Hogan (Pallas), Tommy Seymour (Pallas), Michael McDonnell (Carrigatogher), Willie Hayden (Carrigatogher), Front Row: Hughie McDonnell (Carrigatogher), Patsy Nealon (Newtown), Dinny Maher (Carrigatogher), Jim Barry (Newtown), Pat McGrath (Monroe), Donie Nealon (Newtown), John Joe Slattery (Barbaha), James Hanrahan (Carrigatogher), Jerome Hogan (Pallas)


As part of our build up to this weekends North senior hurling final we are recalling our past glories. Liam Hogan has come up trumps again with this match report from the county Intermediate final of 1964. This is of course of extra significance with it being the 50th Anniversary of that famous win.

The Match Report:



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