Burgess bow out of the North Championship.

Burgess bow out of the North Championship.


Burgess 0-18 Portroe 2-16

We started brightly in this do or die fixture against our near neighbours Portroe despite the absence of star players Donagh Maher, John O’Dwyer and Tossy Hogan. We raced into a 5 points to no score lead after 6 minutes of play. Our first score a pointed free from the middle of the field straight from the throw in by Stephen Murray. Stephen added another from play in the third minute and followed up with another free on the fifth. Eoin Leahy Hogan then  fired over two excellent points in quick succession  and we appeared to be motoring well. The port response then came with three fine points in a two minute spell from Mark Gennery, Jimmy Creamer and Kevin O’Halloran.  Stephen Murray sent over a 65 in the 15th minute to leave the score Burgess 0-6 Port 0-3.

Port embarked on another purple patch scoring 1-2 without reply to gain the lead. Gennery with another fine point and a cracking goal from James Ryan. Jimmy Creamer followed up with an excellent point from play to leave Burgess reeling.

Our lads to their credit fought back firing over four unanswered points to give us a two point lead at half time. Those scores coming from a Stephen Murray free and 65 while Keith Nealon and Brian Hogan had one each from play.

The second half couldn’t have started worse for us with our half time lead wiped out in just over a minute by a John Sheedy goal. Stephen Murray levelled things up with a 35th minute free 2-5 to 0-11 but Port once again demonstrated their attacking flair a minute later with a sweet Kevin O’Halloran line ball and a Mike Sheedy point from play.

Brian Hogan reduced the deficit with another excellent point but the Port response was yet again immediate with James Ryan adding to his tally. We were now two adrift again. To our lads credit they fought back once more and had the game level on the 42nd minute with points from Murray (free) and Peter Gill. The Murray free was looked more of a penalty to be fair but the referee after consulting with his umpires awarded a 21. Damien O’Brien forced an unbelievable save from county keeper Darren Gleeson in the lead up to this incident and this was a turning point in the game as we really needed a goal to drive on against the breeze.

Murray and O’Halloran exchanged frees and then Port opened up a lead with points from the two Sheedy’s. Murray and O’Halloran exchanged frees followed by another excellent Eoin Hogan Point, his third of the game, to leave Burgess a point adrift in the 54th minute 0-17 to  2-12.

The two Sheedy’s were once more to the fore for Port hitting over three points between them to stretch out Ports lead. Burgess responded through Brian Hogan whose goal bound shot took a deflection off Leahy to go over the bar on the 60th minute.  The scoring was rounded out with a point from Sub Colm Gleeson to leave Port deserving 0-18 to 2-16 winners.

And so our championship hurling is over for the year in May. We would like to thank the players and management for their efforts in the face of such injury adversity and wish them the best of luck or 2016.


Burgess: Stephen Murray 0-10(7-f, 2-’65), Eoin Leahy Hogan 0-3, Keith Nealon 0-1, Brian Hogan 0-3, Peter Gill 0-1.

Portroe: Mark Gennery 0-2, Jimmy Creamer 0-2, Kevin O’Halloran 0-4 (2f, 1 line ball), James Ryan 1-1, John Sheedy 1-2 (1f), Michael Sheedy 0-4, Colm Gleeson  0-1.

Match Timeline:

Burgess Portroe
who when what Score who when what Score
Stephen Murray 1 free 0.1 0.0
Stephen Murray 3 Play 0.2 0.0
Stephen Murray 5 free 0.3 0.0
Eoin Leahy Hogan 6 Play 0.4 0.0
Eoin Leahy Hogan 6 Play 0.5 0.0
0.5 Mark Gennery 11 Play 0.1
0.5 Jimmy Creamer 12 Play 0.2
0.5 Kevin O’Halloran 12 Play 0.3
Stephen Murray 15 65 0.6 0.3
0.6 Mark Gennery 16 Play 0.4
0.6 James Ryan 16 Play 1.4
0.6 Jimmy Creamer 20 Play 1.5
Stephen Murray 21 free 0.7 1.5
Kieth Nealon 24 Play 0.8 1.5
Brian Hogan 25 Play 0.9 1.5
Stephen Murray 29 65 0.10 1.5
Half time 
0.10 John Sheedy 31 Play 2.5
Stephen Murray 35 free 0.11 2.5
0.11 Kevin O’Halloran 36 Line Ball 2.6
0.11 Michael Sheedy 36 play 2.7
Brian Hogan 37 Play 0.12 2.7
0.12 James Ryan 37 Play 2.8
Stephen Murray 40 free 0.13 2.8
Peter Gill 42 Play 0.14 2.8
0.14 Kevin O’Halloran 44 Free 2.9
Stephen Murray 46 free 0.15 2.9
0.15 John Sheedy 47 Play 2.10
0.15 Michael Sheedy 47 Play 2.11
Stephen Murray 48 free 0.15 2.11
0.15 Kevin O’Halloran 53 Free 2.12
Eoin Leahy Hogan 54 Play 0.17 2.12
0.17 John Sheedy 55 Free 2.13
0.17 Michael Sheedy 57 Play 2.14
0.17 Michael Sheedy 58 Play 2.15
Brian Hogan 60 Play 0.18 2.15
Colm Gleeson 60 Play 2.16

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