Féile na nGael 2016

The Waterford/Tipperary region will be hosting Féile na Gael, the national festival of Under 14 hurling/camogie/handball for boys and girls over the weekend of 24th – 26th June 2016. Preparations are now commencing for this event and we in Burgess GAA are proudly doing our part.

As part of participation in Féile na Gael each host club is expected to provide host accommodation for a visiting team. This means that we will need to organise places to stay for 24 team players and a maximum of four mentors. To that end we are looking for volunteers to help out by hosting players and mentors.

The application form information pack and guidelines can be down loaded on this link and read here below. Additionally a short Q&A powerpoint presentation can be viewed on this link

here below is a copy and paste of the information pack


Féile na Gael




Information Pack

  1. Introduction

Féilena Gael are Club festivals for Hurling, Football, Camogie and Handball at Under 14 level, involving teams from across the Association.

Féile provides an opportunity for:

  • Under 14 players to participate in an annual Festival of Hurling/Camogie, Handball
  • Clubs to experience playing against teams from other Counties/Provinces
  • Clubs to foster links with other Clubs in other Counties/Provinces
  • Counties to celebrate Gaelic games by acting as hosts


A core aim of Féile tournaments is to promote a philosophy whereby every player has the opportunity to participate and play in their respective Féile tournament at a level commensurate to their age, skills and strengths.

The Féile na Gael National Finals take place in Waterford and Tipperary from 17th –  19th June 2016.

This pack sets out information related to the organisation and hosting of Féile. Much of the information below is contained in the Féile na Charter, a full copy of which is provided to all participating Clubs.

Please find below details related to:

  • Information related to the structure of the Féile na Gael Competition
  • The Application Form for Participating in Féile
  • Hosting Féile na Gael 2016
  • The local Club Féile Official
  • Some guidelines around ground presentation
  • GAA Respect Programme
  1. Féile na Gael 2016 Competition Structure


Participating Teams

Féile na Gael competitions are composed of host and visiting teams. Host teams are drawn from the host region (Counties). Visiting teams participating at the National Finals of Féile na Gael will be nominated by their County Bord na nÓg to represent their respective Counties. Both host clubs and visiting Counties are graded into their respective divisions. Normally the identity of the visiting teams is determined by the results of internal Féile na Gael competitions, however, due to the level of interest from host clubs, each visiting County is usually asked to nominate 2 – 3 representatives. All overseas units are also asked to nominate representatives to take part at Féile na Gael.

Competition Format

Generally divisions are composed of 16 teams – 8 host clubs, and their 8 visiting teams. Depending on local requirements, deviation from the 16 team division is possible in co-operation with the national Féile committee.

Since 2014, Féile na Gael has introduced both Cup and Shield competitions in each Division. To facilitate this each division of 16 teams is divided into four groups (Groups A – D) of four teams (two host clubs and their visiting clubs). Each team plays each other team on a round robin basis. Upon completion of the three group games teams are ranked 1 – 4. Teams ranked 1st and 2nd proceed to the Cup quarter finals, while teams ranked 3rd and 4th proceed to the Shield quarter finals. Therefore, each participating team is guaranteed a minimum of four games – three group games, and either a Cup or Shield quarter final.

Thereafter, knockout quarter finals, semi-finals and finals take place in each of the Cup and Shield competitions.

Playing Numbers

Participating teams shall be 15-a-side (unless Coiste Stiúrtha Náisiúnta Féile has decided that a certain Division may deviate from the 15 a-side rule), comprising of players who are over 11 and under 14 years of age on 1st January in the year of Féile. Panels in a 15-a-side division are limited to 24 players.

Depending on the requirements of the host region, certain division may be designated as 13 or 11a-side. Participation at 13 or 11-a-side is limited to those clubs that field at 13 or 11-a-side in their local U. 14 competitions. Where a division is designated as 13 or 11-a-side, the visiting Counties will also be asked to nominate a 13 or 11-a-side club. It is not possible for either host or visiting clubs to request to be designated as 13 or 11-a-side for the purposes of participation at Féile only. Where competitions are based on reduced team numbers e.g. 11 or 13 a side Coiste Stiúrtha Náisiúnta Féile will stipulate a reduced maximum panel size for all teams participating in that competition.

Similarly, amalgamated teams are permitted to participate in Féile na Gael, though again this is limited to those clubs that field as an amalgamated unit in their local U. 14 competitions in that year. It is not possible for either host or visiting clubs to request to amalgamate for the purposes of participation at Féile only.

Each team shall be accompanied by a maximum of 4 team mentors.

Competition Schedule

The final competition schedule is to be confirmed, however usually the schedule is as follows:

  • Friday June 17th
    • Each team plays their first two group games
  • Saturday, June 18th
    • Each team plays their final group game
    • Each team plays their Cup or Shield quarter final
  • Sunday, June 19th
    • Cup and Shield semi finals
    • Cup and Shield finals
  1. Féile na Gael 2016 Application Process

The Waterford/Tipperary region will be hosting Féile na Gael, the national festival of Under 14 hurling/camogie/handball for boys and girls over the weekend of 24th – 26th June 2016. Preparations are now commencing for this event and each club wishing to participate is required to submit an application form by Monday 30th November 2015 with an entry fee of €150.

Below is the Féile na Gael application form. As a number of clubs in neighbouring counties have indicated their willingness to host teams if necessary, a definite commitment is required from all under age boys and girls teams by the closing date.

Please note that each club should provide the contact details on the application form for the club member who will receive all Féile information on behalf of the club.




            An Coiste Áitiúla Féile na Gael



Cathaoirleach                                                                                       Rúnaí

Donal Shanahan                                                                                    Patricia Walsh

Fón:087 2504315                                                                                   Fón:083 4410764

Email: donalshanahan@eircom.net                                 Email:triciagaa@hotmail.com


                Application to participate in

Féile na Gael 2016

_______________________________________  GAA Club wish to enter their Under 14 Hurling/Camogie/HandballTeam/ in Féile na Gael 2016

We agree to act as a host club and provide accommodation for a visiting team and their mentors. I enclose a cheque for €150 application fee.

Signed:                      ________________________________________________________



Club Name:               ________________________________________________________

Féile Contact Details:

Name:                                    ________________________________________________________

Address:                    ________________________________________________________

Email address:          ________________________________________________________

Telephone:                ________________________________________________________


Please return this form to: Patricia Walsh, Runaí, Féile na Gael,Tay Valley Ltd, Stradbally, Co Waterford by 30th  November 2015


4.         Guidelines for Hosting at Féile na Gael 2016

As part of participation in Féile na Gael each host club is expected to provide host accommodation for a visiting team. This means that you will need to organise places to stay for 24 team players and a maximum of four mentors. The following guidelines should help.

Hosting of players

  • Players should be accommodated in family homes, with one of your own player’s families if possible.
  • Players should be accommodated in pairs. No player should be left on his/her own.
  • Host families should be well known to club officials.
  • Each host family will be required to comply with Garda vetting procedures. Application forms for Garda vetting will be distributed and must be returned immediately as all host families must be approved in advance of the Féile.
  • All host families should provide their contact details to the club. These details should be provided to the visiting team mentors.
  • Host families should also be given contact details of mentors and parents for their visiting players.
  • Host families should be kept informed of any special requirements a player may have e.g. conditions such as asthma, fear of dark etc.

Hosting of Mentors

  • The host club should allow for up to four mentors to be accommodated.
  • Whether mentors are housed in family homes or in other accommodation is to be decided by the host club.
  • It would be advisable to make early contact with your visiting club as soon as you have their details. It will only then be possible to put many of these measures in place.


As a host club you will be expected to provide a level of hospitality for your visiting team and mentors.

Players will have played two games on Friday, they will also have two more games on Saturday. On Saturday evening, it is suggested that host clubs would provide some form of hospitality for visiting players and mentors. Again, if a team is still involved at this stage, the level of this hospitality will need to be decided upon. It would be important that any organised events would be carefully and strictly supervised.

Clubs will leave on Sunday morning after breakfast. Arrangements to attend the finals on 19th June 2016 can be made with your visiting club when you make contact with them. Arrangements for attending religious services should also be discussed with your visiting club.

  1. Club Féile na Gael Official

It is a condition of acceptance to Féile na Gael 2016, that each participating club provide – from within their membership – a nominated person to act as ‘Féile Official’ for their club for the duration of Féilena Gael. The name, address and contact numbers of this person should be returned on the Official form provided below.

It is important that the Féile Official will be a member of your club with good authority. It is equally important that the Féile Official will not be involved with your club team in any way. The Féile Official should be an impartial person charged with the running of events at the venue and not an integral part of any team.

The Féile Official will be requested to attend an Information Night to be made aware of the various duties required and to clarify any queries they may have.

Below is a list of duties related to the Féile na Gael Official. This list of duties should not be considered exhaustive.


  • To take charge of the appointed venue when games are played there.
  • To ensure that the field is properly laid out and fit for play.
  • To liaise with Team mentors and allot dressing rooms to teams
  • Where possible to make arrangements to restrict the number of people on the side-line to players and a limited number of mentors from each team.


  • To liaise with the referee appointed for games and to ensure they have an adequate dressing area
  • To ensure that there are umpires and linesmen appointed for each game
  • To contact Féile HQ immediately if the appointed referee is not available to take charge of the game

Disciplinary matters

  • To contact Féile HQ immediately in the event of any disciplinary matters.
  • To contact Féile HQ immediately in the event of any dispute or objection.
  • To be aware of the Rules and Regulations of Féile na Gael

Where the referee wishes to report on a disciplinary matter, or where a dispute arises, a report/objection should be written for the Féile Official. The Official immediately contacts the Féile HQ. The Official awaits the decision from the committee and reports back to the relevant persons. It is the duty of clubs to be aware of appeal procedures.


  • To ensure that results from games are immediately relayed to Féile Headquarters (Contact details to follow)
  • The Referee’s Final Score is the score to be reported to the Féile Headquarters

Féile na Gael 2016


_______________________________________ GAA Club wishes to

nominate ________________________ as the Féile Official for games held in

their grounds for Féile na Gael 2016.

Signed:          _________________________________________




Féile Official Details

Name:                        ________________________________________

Address:                   ________________________________________



Contact numbers:    ________________________________________

Email Address:         ________________________________________

Please return this form to: Patricia Walsh, Runaí, Féile na Gael by 31st March 2016/email:triciagaa@hotmail.com

6.         Field Preparation Féile na Gael 2016

As Féile na Gael is a national competition with a high profile, we hope that fields and club grounds will be presented to the highest possible standard.

The following are some prerequisites and some suggestions:

Playing Field:             Must be in excellent playing condition

Must be properly flagged and marked

Must have good quality nets on the goals

Must have a scoreboard

Should preferably have ball stops behind the goal

Should be enclosed and should be stewarded to reduce incursions on the side line

Dressing Rooms:       Should be clean and presentable

Should have separate Referee’s room

Should be allocated prior to games – signs on doors would be preferable

Should be stewarded

Should have separate facilities for Ladies Football teams

Field Environs:          Have the following flags flying:

National Flag

County Flag

County Flag of visiting teams

Club Flags – Home and Visiting (Optional)

It is desirable that Venues be well signposted especially as it is likely that visiting teams. If fields are in more remote areas, temporary signs could be erected to ensure that all can find the venues.

The Féile Committee will provide standardised Welcome Signs for all clubs well in advance of the Féile weekend. However each club should consider its own ways of welcoming visitors with bunting, signage etc. and have these arrangements in place well in advance as suppliers will be busy nearer to the Féile weekend. Where necessary clubs should check to ensure that any permissions required to erect signage are in place well in advance.

Each club should appoint a Field Official to oversee the preparation and decoration of the field for Féile weekend. The duties of this official are as outlined above.

Members of the local Féile Committee will inspect all grounds over the coming months to advise clubs and monitor progress prior to Féile.

  1. GAA Respect Programme

All participating teams shall adhere to the Respect initiative, Give Respect – Get Respect.

This Respect initiative seeks to ensure that at a very minimum our Gaelic Games are promoted and played in a positive, fair and enjoyable manner where players, coaches, spectators and referees Give Respect and Get Respect from each other.

The following shall be implemented in promoting and supporting the Respect initiative:

  • The host Club will welcome each team, officials, referees and spectators to their venue.
  • All players shall as a condition of participation undertake to play by the rules and take responsibility for their own behaviour whilst always respecting their opponents, referees and officials.
  • Players will line up at the centre of the field before each game and will shake hands with all members of the opposing team, their coaches and the referee.
  • Similarly in Handball players shall meet at the centre of the court and will shake hands with all members of the opposing team, their coaches and the referee.
  • Each player shall shake hands with their immediate opponents before and after each game.

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