Tipp Intermediates Munster Champions

I took the short hop into Nenagh for the Intermediate Munster final on Wednesday to see our own Damien O’Brien star for the Tipperary intermediate hurling team. We were lucky to come away with a victory of 1:18 to 0:17 on a night when Clare gave an exhibition of poor shooting. The contrast in selection philosophies was apparent in the coolness of the shooting of the slightly more experienced Tipperary selection. The young Clare outfit will surely rue their wasted chances during their period of dominance early in the second half.

Micheal Heffernan showed none of the ill effects of the injury which caused the postponement of the senior county championship fixture between ourselves and Eire Og on Saturday. In fact he contributed admirably on the day. A point that could be made about all the Tipperary stars who risked their fitness for this fixture by turning out for their clubs this weekend past.

Our Lad

Our lad started at full forward where he made a complete nuisance of himself while camped at the edge of the square, sewing chaos in the Clare fullback line. His efforts didn’t go unnoticed by the management team who soon shipped him out to center forward and onto the gangly behemoth that was the Clare center back Cillian Duggan a hitherto problem area for the premier men. Our lad soon impressed competing in the air with the Clare man, making useful breaks and winning his share as well. Damien also demonstrated his footballing skills with an accurate 20m kicked pass and finished with two great points from play.

The match itself was a wonderful social occasion with hurling people from all parts of Tipperary afford the the opportunity meet an discuss the recent results at both county and divisional level.

congratulations and ruminations

History beckons

The after match atmosphere was one of relaxed conviviality where the spectators lingered and mixed in a leisurely manner with the players.

to the victor the spoils

The conversation unsurprisingly soon turned to the u21’s and the final piece in the puzzle in Cusack park. This will be no walk in the park and previous visits to Ennis have been anything but pleasant. But we’re on a roll now and History is there to be made.

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